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Hand Held Paper Shredder

quantity: 3600pcs asking: $8.50 wholesale: style no.: 81335 0 description: This exceptionally handy, cordless shredder is perfect for receipts, junk mail and other personal papers that pile up daily. For mobile checking fans, it's the ideal way to destroy live checks after they have been deposited remotely via smartphones. If you already have a larger, electric shredder, the Ziszor! is the perfect companion for the lighter loads that build up in pockets and purses. The Ziszor! is sturdily constructed with steel-alloy cutting wheels that can handle up to four sheets of paper. It runs on 4AA batteries (included) and comes complete with three catch bags so you can even shred on the go. Its compact size allows you to store it neatly in cupboards, drawers or anywhere your mail and receipts pile up in your home. In today's world of identity theft, the Ziszor! is a must!!             
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