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Soy Candles

quantity: 2000pcs asst colors asking: $4.25 wholesale: $8.50 style no.: 7875Range description:

We have 5 different styles of decorative hand poured soy candles ,they are 3" x 3"  , 8 ozs, 50 hrs burn time. Packages in cases of 6

Candles are hand poured in the USA using a high grade soy wax blend and cotton wicks.  

Ice Cup Candle Silver (Red Currant) (7875 RC)  437 units

Ice Cup Candle Purple (Rain Barrel) 7875 RB)  276 units

Ice Cup Candle Orange (Guava) (7875 OR) 457 units

Ice Cup Candle Red (Indian Sandalwood and Vetiver) (7875 ISV) 439 units

Ice Cup Candle Green (Wild Green Fig) (7875 WGF)  403 units

can supply breakdown upon request

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